The Window

Among many things I am grateful for in life right now, my big living room window is the one I want to talk about today. I have lived in several houses and apartments. One thing that has always affected the quality of my life and well being is the size of the window. I have lived in a basement apartment with a tiny little window where I had to turn on the light even during the day. That sucked big time and I hope I never have to live like that ever again. Therefore, I really cherish having a big window with light flooding in. There is something deeply spiritual to it.

Right now, the window I have does not overlook a sea or anything stunning. It’s just the view of the neighbourhood and the surrounding mountain but I have several trees outside my house. And even though right now, we still have snow and the trees are in winter mode, meaning there are no leaves, I still cherish their existence. Sometimes magpies come and have a swinging party there. Like today, I was listening to Ok not Ok and looking outside the window, when I realized that I could do this all day. Simply look outside this window and I am happy.

It’s not overbearing to be inside for a couple of days just because I can look outside and connect to nature and the lives around me. It’s beautiful and peaceful.

Thankful for it!