Not my first blog

Yes, you heard it right. This is not my first blog so, no ‘Hello world!’ post here. I have created and deleted, and created and deleted a couple of blogs in the past. But I keep doing it. Let’s just say, I believe in this cycle of samsara, where I create and then erase in an attempt to let go of my attachment to this digital space. It’s quite healthy tbh. My previous blog was quite a success. I posted regularly, I believe it was interesting enough because people dropped by, liked my post and gave me a follow. So, when I decided to delete those blogs, it wasn’t like I didn’t second doubted my decision. However, I had this inner urge that told me that I should do it. Sometimes, the catalyst was another being who prompted me to hit the delete button just so I didn’t have to communicate with them and the other times, it was just purely my non-attachment practice. I do not regret though. There is something peaceful to let things go.

Do people read blog these days? Hmm.

This time around I will be using this space to share some peace, some success, some failure, and some happiness that I experience in my day to day life.

Oh and yes, thank you for being here!